VIP Trial Account Enrollment

To enroll for a Symantec’s Validation & ID Protection trial account, you need to complete the account enrollment form as part of the service activation process. Once you submit the form, Symantec will verify the information as part of its approval process.

Trial VIP accounts are fully functional accounts on the production VIP Network. You will need a VIP credential to access your trial account, which you can obtain on your mobile phone for free at or you may purchase one from the, or by contacting Sales.

VIP account enrollment is the first step in setting up your VIP Trial account. Once your account is approved, you will be directed to log onto VIP Manager, the console for managing your account. There, you will find the documentation necessary to begin implementing your new VIP Trial account by clicking the Download Files link.

To proceed with the VIP trial account enrollment process:

Fill-in all applicable organization and contact information. At a minimum, be sure all required fields have been completed.

Click Submit.

Symantec will send a verification email to your email address.

Click the link in the verification email.

Carefully review the terms and conditions of the trial service agreement. Confirm acceptance of the agreement by selecting the checkbox.

Click Submit Enrollment.

Review the confirmation page, which details the Symantec verification process after you submit your enrollment form.

Symantec begins processing your request as soon as possible, and performs verification checks of your organization and contact. The verification process is typically one to two business days.

You will receive an email that confirms receipt of your enrollment. The email will contain a link to view the current status of your account enrollment. Once your information has been verified, Symantec will notify you by email that your account has been approved.

You cannot update your account enrollment information once the verification process begins.

To report a technical support issue related to the Symantec VIP trial account, please open a support case at the MySymantec portal ( We will try to respond to your case within one business day. Phone support is not available for trial accounts.

Prior to contacting Symantec, we encourage you to check our Support website and knowledge base for quick solutions to common questions: